Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching


“Each piece of Rob´s advice is a distilled drop of scientifically sound knowledge. Behind every tailored change we introduce, lies the weight of practically applied research.” (Client Testimonial).

Are you in your 30s to 60s? Do you want to lose weight? Reduce your blood pressure? Lower your blood sugars? Reduce your cholesterol? Boost your energy and just feel at your best again?

You’ve probably already done some research online, but with so much conflicting information out there (low-carb? low-fat? calorie-counting? vegan? high-intensity exercise? fasting?) you just don’t have the time to figure it all out… Not only that, you struggle to stick to standard ‘off the shelf’ diet plans and find yourself frequently losing self-control/ binging – which is incredibly frustrating and demotivating. And even if you did know exactly what to do, how would you go about consistently implementing it – day-in, day-out, rather than just those times when you feel particularly motivated?

Well, if that describes you, rest assured that you are definitely not alone – I’ve helped many clients similar to yourself turn all of this around. I’m an IHS certified Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, and specialise in helping my clients to lose body-fat (over the long-term!), gain energy and improve cognitive aspects such as drive, motivation, regaining self-control and finding your zest for life again.

Don’t let things just continue to get worse – take the first step in optimising your health and contact me now to arrange a FREE initial 30 minute telephone consultation via my ‘Contact’ page, or drop me a line at: rob@enhancedenergy.co.uk

Whether you end up working with me or not, I’ll make sure you come away with some personalised tips and action points to get you started.

If you don’t choose to make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness.”


*Free LIFETIME support: once you have paid for 5 x sessions with me, I can offer you lifetime email support for any ongoing brief NLC queries you may have – as long as they can be answered fully in one brief paragraph or less.