“I would highly recommend the services of Rob Hardy. His enthusiasm and personalised approach to the way in which I could improve my health and well-being, with a range of exercise and dietary measures tailored to suit my lifestyle, was excellent. He offered common sense arguments for everything proposed and great encouragement in his follow-up sessions. I believe everyone could learn something beneficial from his assessments and advice.”

John Grantham, Chemical Engineer. New Brighton, UK

“I first came across Rob´s services whilst looking for a dietitian to reduce weight. But most of all, my main interest was to make durable, lifelong changes to maintain overall good health. I had been advised by various dietitians over the years and had lost weight significantly, but didn’t maintain it. Being a doctor myself dedicated to neurosciences and stroke, I was aware of the evidence and had integrated some disjointed bits into my daily life. Nevertheless, those efforts lacked longterm consistency and my weight climbed up pretty easily over and over again in the blink of an eye. I can now unashamedly admit that I had no idea what a nutritional and lifestyle coach was meant to do. I had a preconception that they were a luxury reserved for people of the sort you find in Vanity Fair. How mistaken I was. Each piece of Rob´s advice is a distilled drop of scientifically sound knowledge. Behind every tailored change we introduce, lies the weight of practically applied research. Rob has enormously exceeded my highest expectations and after 7 months under his careful, prudent and enthusiastic guidance the results are happening, and are doing so to stay. Any praise to his human and professional qualities would fall short. I can only confidently state that if you want to know what wellbeing is, under Rob´s guidance and with your disciplined commitment, you are in the right place.” 

Dr Javier Vicini. Wigan, UK

“I have a demanding job and life can be quite busy.  As a result, I felt I needed to improve my diet and my lifestyle generally in order to function at my best. Rob has been a great help in this regard being able to provide me with a wealth of practical tips, tailored to my own preferences. These have been seamlessly incorporated into my day-to-day life. I would say the key to Rob’s approach is to build in a wide range of small but powerful habits that when done consistently get results. I have noticed having more energy and my weight is back down to where it was in my 20’s – and I wasn’t overweight then! His approach involved understanding my personal goals, the constraints of my lifestyle and finding creative and enjoyable solutions.  I am happy to recommend Rob to anyone who wants to optimise their health and fitness.”

Simon Walton, Cambridge, UK

“I have found Rob’s sessions very helpful and encouraging. I had tried different ways of losing weight and incorporating exercise in my schedule but without much success. Rob explains the principles for sustained lifestyle changes, taking into account personal circumstances. Rob’s advice is always focused and very practical which means that you end up setting goals that are specific and realistic and therefore, ultimately effective. I have always found his sessions encouraging and supportive. I certainly recommend Rob to anyone who wants to improve health and fitness.”

Maria Puig, Manchester, UK

“After attending a talk given by Rob a few months ago, I decided to have another go at improving my overall health and fitness in conjunction with some necessary weight loss. I have spent most of my adult life on a yo-yo as regards my size and weight, and have tried most available plans. This has not always been very easy.  I am vegetarian and have a passion for cooking and creating interesting meals for family and friends.  My fitness levels have not been generally too bad historically but had worsened during the pandemic. My working patterns do not enable me to have very much time away from my desk and I spend a lot of time driving.  Following my initial consultation with Rob, I discovered a more healthy approach to fit in with my busy lifestyle. As a result of following Rob’s advice I feel much fitter, leaner and more energised than I can remember for a long time.  I am still able to enjoy my passion of cooking with the introduction of a range of products I had not previously tried.”

Jo Thompson, Chester, UK

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