Why Me?

Rob Hardy, Dip NLC IHS.

Hi! I’m an IHS certified Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, based in Chester in the UK, and am a full member of the UK Health Coaches Association. I am also the resident nutritionist at Lifeworx Health Store in Chester city centre. I work online via Zoom with most clients, so wherever you are based in the world, I can help! (currently I’m working with clients based in the USA, Colombia and Ireland as well as the UK). I am not affiliated to any products or services, so only recommend those foods, supplements and products I either personally use or believe to be the most effective/ best value for money.

Unlike many other health coaches who give out standard ‘off-the-shelf’ packages based on their own particular beliefs and philosophy (usually the same approach that worked for them), my approach is different… I spend a significant amount of time every single day reviewing the latest diet, exercise and lifestyle research – and have done so for over 10 years now. This has enabled me to build a deep insight into which approaches have consistently been shown to be the most effective, for which types of people – regardless of dietary or exercise beliefs.

As one client puts it (see my testimonials page): “each piece of Rob´s advice is a distilled drop of scientifically sound knowledge. Behind every tailored change we introduce, lies the weight of practically applied research.”

My unique approach is based on combining this insight into the latest science with a deep understanding of your own particular likes, dislikes, daily schedule, and previous experience. I then work with you to customise a strategy that you will find easy to integrate into your daily life. I use industry-leading ‘Nutritics’ dietary analysis software to help you improve your diet, and I also undertake a comprehensive lifestyle analysis, covering exercise & movement, sleep, stress & relaxation, energy levels and environmental toxins. The aim is to make the process both enjoyable and inspiring – no more grinding workouts or miserable dieting required!

My approach is ‘diet agnostic’ – I’m not going to recommend that you cut out entire food-groups or have to introduce new foods that you don’t like – but rather by becoming familiar with your personal preferences, I can use this insight to recommend foods and lifestyle tweaks that you will both enjoy and practically be able to implement consistently over the long-term to ensure that all nutritional and lifestyle bases are covered. At the end of the day, there are usually several different approaches that can help you reach your goal, so it is my job to help get you there as painlessly as possible!

My experience is that many of the standard ‘burn fat fast’ type programmes can be too aggressive and unrealistic for most people to be able to maintain into the long-term. Instead, my approach ensures that all the actions we put in place feel comfortable and sustainable – but also progressive, in order to promote enjoyable, motivating and long-term continual improvement.

I am committed to helping you improve your health over the long-term, and for regular clients, who have paid for at least five consultations with me, I offer lifetime email support for any ongoing brief queries you may have – as long as they can be answered fully and concisely in one paragraph or less.

What do I need from you? Well, I try to only work with clients who are committed to making changes and who are ready to start their journey to regain their optimum health. If you’re more or less happy with what you’re currently doing – you’re probably not quite ready to work with me yet.

However, if you’ve failed before or you’re just keen to find a sustainable, personalised solution, why not give my approach a try? You’ll be pleasantly surprised how easily we can integrate it into your life – and how ongoing tangible results will boost your self confidence to succeed. Contact me now to book your FREE 30 minute consultation!

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